Twas the night before Cleveland....

Twas the night before Cleveland and all through the house,
everyone was still packing,
I yelled I'd better take that blouse!

Now all the suitcases sit stacked in a row by the door,
and I'm still pouting that God won't let me play like a whore...

It will be cold & snowy when we arrive in OHIO,
as we make our way up towards the lake...

 And I'll still try my best to get ahold of "some",
 though in a garage might be a compromise to make.
(inside joke!)

I'll do my best to keep y'all posted through blogger,
as long as I'm not incapacitated with too much goldschlager!

2009 was a hell of a year,
I hate to see it pass.
Now I'd love to ring in Zen in 10,
starting with a good piece of ass!

If you are SINGLE,
are NOT psychotic,
and free in the next week...
Stare into the picture above...

is it working??

heehee :)

♥ veronica