I didn't see THAT coming!

Holy cow!  My day is GONE!  I went to bed last night like a good girl and got up at SIX AM.  Yes people, you heard that right, I got up at 6 am!

It's really SO stupid how I woke up.... I woke up out of a dead sleep at 6 o'clock and instantly had the "Cebu" song from veggietales stuck in my head. *rolling eyes*  Now, I haven't heard that song for years...WHY today at 6 in the morning for no reason? lol  I lay there trying to settle back into sleep and all I can hear is... "Cebuuuuuu! (cebuuuuu!) Cebuuuuuu! (cebuuuuu!) achoo moo moo achoo moo moo achoo moo moo achoo moo moo, etc etc etc.  (I posted it down below for those who have never heard it so you can get an appreciation for what I'm talking about. lol)

Anyways, I decided to get up and see what it feels like to be a "normal" person and even had a cup of COFFEE.  I never drink coffee.  But I did.  For what, I don't know because by noon I couldn't stay awake and decided to take just a little nap.  I texted the kids and told them to wake me up when they got home and fell into an instant coma.  Of course, no one woke me up and so I forced myself out of bed at around 5 o'clock.  So at this point, the sleep counter for my little nap is at FIVE hours.

I stayed awake for about an hour, trying to pretend I was alive before falling back into a coma on the couch for another FIVE AND A HALF hours.  I'm telling you, I would wake up and my eyes would cross and not see straight.  I felt drugged.

So, now it's almost midnight and my day is completely gone.  I had plans man.  Oh well, I obviously needed the rest I suppose.  I keep trying to get up...it just usually doesn't work out for me. ;)

"Consciousness:  that annoying time between naps"  ~Author Unknown

Song of the Cebu

♥ veronica