Jersey Shore

Has anyone else been watching "Jersey Shore" on MTV?

Easily the best and the worst tv all at the same time!
It really is awful,
but it's so cheesily awesome that I have to watch.

Well, Courtney and I just spent some time on the
Jersey Shore nickname generator
(google it!)
and searched out EVERYONE we know! lol

My Jersey Shore nickname is "Snickers",
which isn't too bad if you ask me.
Especially when considering that

Courtney's is "Vibe Time"
Darren's is "The Impact"
Maddie's is "The Position"
Amelia's is "The Princess of Paramus"
My Dad's is "K-Train"

The best though?
Of course it would be Collins!
"The Sausage Party"
I know he would think that's some funny shit right there.
Too bad he's not around to laugh at it!
Bummer for him.

But I'll laugh for the both of us,
because that IS some funny shit.


♥ veronica