Friday five

  1. Went to the doctor today (after MAJOR inconvenience & confusion...long story).  Bad news?  Lupus sucks.  It's flaring.  Back on prednisone...DAILY, not just short-term or a tapering dose.  *!#$**$@!!  Good news?  My blood pressure was 102/78!!  Back to my normal!  The other day (it was 160/95) was short-lived & we suspect it was me beginning to go back into congestive heart failure as I tend to do when my lupus flares up & I retain water before my period.  I was extremely symptomatic those few days with the shortness of breath & chest pain, pounding headache, etc.  But thank the Lord (LITERALLY!), I'm better today.  That's one of the main reasons for the prednisone.  The other reasons being that my body lately feels like an old womans!  She asked me to list my aches and I laughed at her, so she wanted the short list:  my right hip, left knee, left ankle & I can barely move or have use of my right index finger.  I never DREAMED how many things you use your index finger for until mine hurt and couldn't be used!  Today I'd say the pain is down from an 8 or a 9 to a 6 or 7, which is progress.  And I know that the prednisone will continue to help.
  2. Josh & his family (mom & uncle) came to town today to see Courtney & meet her family.  I have to say, I was slow to get on the bandwagon (because boys have always come & gone so quickly with Courtney), but I'm getting on now.  I REALLY, REALLY like this kid.  Before he went in the airforce?  NO.  Since then?  Yes.  He has grown into a man that I would like my daughter to be with.  You can even tell the difference in his pictures from before the service & after.  The AFTER is a good guy and I couldn't be happier.  And he makes her happy.  They've been together THREE months now.  That's huge in Courtney time (it's like dog-years).  They all hung out downstairs around the pool or around the firepit.  Then we went to dinner (Mexican food).  Josh had gotten a ton of vaccines recently (he's deploying to Iraq just after New Years), which made him not feel very good.  So he needed to go home & rest (poor guy) & is coming back tomorrow to spend some more time with her.
  3. Work & life are good overall.  Kids are good.  Things are good.  I'm looking forward to having a peaceful year.  You know, I've never had one of those before.  Even if I wasn't dating or married to someone and going through romantic woes, I was living with people who were causing major drama in my life and stressed about that.  So 2010?  Will be the first year of my entire life where I'm determined to not have many, if any at all, major life changes and upheavals.  I'm going to have peace & joy if it kills me damnit! ;)
  4. Yesterday was a big day.  12/17 is the day God delivered me & my children from the evil that was tormenting our home.  It's been seven years now.   12/18 is the day he went to jail.  Time flies & that means that it's only a few years until he's out, prowling and seeking whom he may devour again.  Oh well, I will always be grateful for that most grand of answered prayers.  As answered prayers go, that will be THE answered prayer fo my entire life.  "Lord please...PLEASE...just deliver me from this man."  That was my fervent prayer and although I hate how it happened, God used the evil that was being perpetrated and used that as the catalyst to bring the deliverance I so desperately prayed for.
  5. Going home for the holidays! :)  The tickets are bought and we will be on our way!  WELL, that's not TOTALLY true.  The tickets THERE have been bought. lol  I didn't have the money to buy both ways yet, SOOOOOO.....  Lord willing, we won't be stuck in the buckeye state when it's time to come home!  Guess that's not a good way to start my "Zen in '10".  Oh well, it is what it is!  I just have to pray and have quiet faith that it will work out and be fine & then enjoy the ride and enjoy my family! **and a pinch to grow an inch**
  6. Going home for New know what that means!!!  WOOT WOOT!  NEW YEARS EVE PARTY!!!  That means it's the O-N-E- time a year I actually get to let my hair down (and hopefully not into a bunch of puke!) and drink.  Only in the presence of my family, in their home without my kids around.  I'm too anal for my own good and I can never do anything like that unless those criteria are met.  And's time to PARTY!  Sweet wompa!  I just need to remember to stay away from the Goldschlager this year!

♥ veronica