My kryptonite

Ok guys,
so you know how I'm really good at getting myself into the same messes?
Over and over again?
Well, I need prayer.
I felt SUPER crappy yesterday

and called off work.

And today in my work email there is a message from my boss
saying she needs to meet with me.


Please pray hard hard hard hard hard hard.
This always brings a sense of panic over me...
for good reason.

Collin always said getting sick and calling off was my kryptonite...
crap if he isn't right again!
I usually don't miss people who prove me wrong.

Oh well,
please pray for this situation.
I can handle getting written up or punished somehow,
just PLEASE don't let me get fired.

I know you hear this all the time from me,
but please have mercy on me.
Please don't let me lose my job.
In Jesus name,

♥ veronica