Hi my name is Veronica & I'm never having sex again

This sucks!  I'm packing my bags for our trip home in a few days.  As I was rushing here and there, gathering things together I decided to hook up the ipod dock that Josh got me for Christmas.  It works GREAT by the way...the sound is awesome.  Anyways, as the music poured out of the speakers, I found myself getting more and more melancholy.  Music does that to me lately.  So I decide that this trip home is going to be about more than just cookies and family gatherings.... it's going to be about getting laid!

Yeah I said it!
*blank stare*
I'm almost 40 years old...get there people.

I digress.

So, I find myself tapping out a text, trying to make plans.  And guess what?  NO FREAKING RESPONSE YET.  That's bullcrap.  I thought about sending another one, but then I felt that all-too-familiar tug on my heart from the Holy Spirit and that's when it hit me... this isn't about him ignoring my text...I KNOW he wouldn't.  No, there's something bigger at play here.  CRAP CRAP CRAP!!!  NO NO NO!!!  Lord, this is NOT the time to be teaching a girl lessons!  No!  This is the time for a girl to be calling on her ever-faithful, old standby bootie call!  COME ON!

How does the rest of the world ever get away with things???  People are out there whoring it up all the time!  People drink and drug and have sex every minute of the day!  But do you think I can get away with it even once?  NOOOOOOO.  I have to be in a constant state of lesson-learning.  Damnit.

Fine.  I'll just go home and chill with the fam.  And totally behave myself.  And talk about how much I'm learning and growing lately.  *sigh*  That's bullcrap.

♥ veronica


D said…
You just crack me up!lmao Seriously we need to talk. Look at it like this "hey, at least you still want it" lmao
Suz Broughton said…
So funny! Hope you are having fun anyway :)