Perfect day, perfect year

The year is winding down.  It actually makes me kind of sad because I think 2009 was my favorite year of my entire life and I’m incredibly sorry to see it go.  It’s such a beautiful day today…65 degrees, sunny & clear blue skies…so I went downstairs to sit and enjoy it for a while.  I started thinking about how different my life is from one year ago and I couldn’t help thinking how much I LOVE my new life.  I truly do.  If I could have my friends here with me, it would be perfect, but I do love my life.  2009 was good to me in so many ways.  The love, friendship, lessons, experiences, weights lifted….so much good stuff.  It was a truly pivotal year for my life and I wish I could have many more just like this one.
However, I’m over-the-moon excited to see what 2010 brings.  I see really exciting things coming.  It’s going to be the start of a new phase of my life for many reasons. 
Courtney will be 18.  It’s starting to ache ever so slightly less and less every time I say that.    I’m starting to get excited for her to see what happens in her life.  I just pray that she continues to make wise choices and pursues her life in a healthy way.
I will be getting divorced…something that makes euphoria spring up in me like you wouldn’t believe.  I can finally (legally) get rid of his name.   I’ll finally be able to file bankruptcy & get all of this old garbage cleared up & start working toward a healthy new future.  I increased my flex spending account considerably so I will be able to hopefully get Maddie’s braces, get my teeth done, get everybody new glasses, etc etc.  You know, all the important stuff that you never want to spend money on.  On top of that all, we need a new car (at least new to us).
I would LOVE to take a vacation somewhere and have already promised Amelia that we would go to Disneyland in the next few months.
Basically, I just see really good things happening and am excited for it.  If I’m able to find a good, worthwhile boyfriend to squeeze in there somewhere, then that would be great too.  We’ll see what happens.


Dodi said…
I am happy for you. :)