This may be a politically incorrect word to use,

to the RETARD
from Cleveland
who has been haunting my blog lately....

Maybe when you search out my blog,
you could at least learn what the
CORRECT NAME of my blog is!!!

Maybe your attention to detail is what made our marriage a screaming success???

Here's a better thought....
FORGET what my blog is called altogether
and go play in traffic or something.

Really, don't you have anything better to do?
Like trick some new, unassuming, decent woman
into thinking that you are actually
a decent, laid-back guy????


I say you should give any new person you date the phone #'s of your ex-wives
before they actually go on a date with you.

God know that would have saved me a few years of my life
along with A LOT of money,
my credit score,
my self-respect,
and some of my innocence.

Go turn your own life into a nightmare for once

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I so totally agree with the "ex-wifes" comment! Good advice for all women to just put the drama aside and pay attention to the ex's.

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