The morning after

I can't tell you how glad I am to be home.
Last night at work, and in nature, was

Families screamed over the phone,
Hurricane force winds blew in the windows.
Trees were on cars.
The ground floor was flooded for a short time.

My kids were at home alone,
huddled in one bed together.
The power had gone out &
the storm was fierce.

My little Maddie wrote on her Twitter...
"No power no mommy and big storm. Im scared"

*knife to the heart*

But I'm home now.
I now have one daughter who is safely at school,
who got there in our car that is running fine
*knock on wood!*
And I'm watching the rising sun shining beautifully on the mountains.
And my other baby ducks are tucked away in their beds.

Yes, all of the cabanas are laying upside down by the pool,
and driving home,
the road was littered with tree branches
and the fruit from them.
It was like driving through an orange minefield.

I am still blessed.
And the sky is still blue today.
And God is still good.

♥ veronica