Friday five... okay, so it's Monday. Can't you let one slide by?

  1. Remember how I told you that Courtney has been giving me trouble about getting up for school, so I just decided to let her take her own consequences?  I wake her up, she gives me crap, I remind her that she will fail and not graduate if she misses too much school, she says I'm wrong and continues to argue with me and so I let her go back to sleep and figure that I'm tired enough of fighting with her and she will be 18 in a few weeks, let her make her take whatever lumps she has coming to her.  WELL, tonight she had her credit appeal at school.  That's where she has missed so much school that they put her on "no credit" status and basically fail her, so we had to go to the school tonight and she had to plead her case before several administrators and beg for her credits.  Guess how many days she's missed since August?  TWENTY NINE.  And guess what?  They granted her appeal!  They almost didn't and had to deliberate for a while, but they agreed to grant her appeal on the condition that she misses NO more school.  I'm glad, but I can't believe it.  I'm glad that they deliberated for a while and scared her, because she needed to learn a lesson.  I hope that she did.  When she was little, I could force her to get her butt up and go, but it's time for big-girl lessons.  She will be an adult in 26 days, technically.  She has to start doing it on her own.
  2. How do you fit a whole slew of Christmas decorations in an apartment?  I'm still working on that.  I'll let you know if I figure it out.  We got the tree up.  I planned to rearrange the furniture beforehand, but was too tired, but probably tomorrow.  I'll show you pictures when the process is complete! :)
  3. The other girls are good.  Maddie is still moody.   I'll probably see her again in about five years when she emerges a little from the hormonal fog.  But she's still a very good girl.
  4. Still having some rough days here and there.  It's getting much better though.  However, everytime the phone rings I still think it's him calling to say he changed his mind.  I'm convinced he still will.
  5. I have a secret admirer at the Department of Justice.  Makes me wonder if it's someone I know that's obsessed with me, or if the DOJ is watching me for something.  Which, hello?? Are you kidding? lol  The only I'm guilty of is whining about PMS and kids and waxing philosophical over God and past loves.  Yeah, I'm sooooo interesting.

♥ veronica


Haven and Home said…
Hi! I love your blog, you are so funny. I am glad they granted your daughter her plea but had to think a while. BTW- your profile on the side is brilliant, I loved reading about you!