We're off to see the blizzard

Ahhhhhh the joys of living in northern Ohio during the winter. The blistering cold wind, freezing temperatures, snow-storms, lake-effect snow.... you get the hint. Sunday night/Monday morning sometime it started snowing and dumped all over us. And even though it has quit snowing now, the freezing cold temperatures have kept everything so frozen solid that it has made everything miserable.....and dangerous. On the way to work yesterday I passed several cars in ditches and one flipped over on it's roof. Then this morning I was trying to get on the highway and cars were driving back down the entrance ramp because there were a couple of accidents up there and traffic was backed up as far as the eye could see. My car doors were even frozen shut when I came out of work this morning, I had to pry them open.

Man am I ready for spring!!!!