Lost in thought

What is it about romance that just brings on the daydreams? You all know what I mean. :) Spending your days in longing and several times throughout the day catching yourself lost in thought with a little smile on your face. That pure, innocent, fresh sweetness that comes with new feelings. *sigh* Well, that's where I find myself lately. I'm almost giddy! lol

It's amazing to me how embarrassed it makes me to say that out loud to the world! lol You'd think as much as I expose myself on here that it wouldn't faze me......but boy oh boy it sure does! You know, I think it's because all of the other stuff is under my control. I've thought about it, analyzed it, chewed it up and then spit it back out as something for the world to read. This, on the other hand, seems to be totally out of my control and, therefore, is the place where I feel most vulnerable. I don't think I could stop it even if I wanted to right now. :) I just find myself daydreaming all day. And it shows....believe me! I don't possess the ability to hide things.... my face shows it all..... and I am aglow! lol What's bad is even my kids have seen it. Courtney's getting a big kick out of it. I just laugh and tell her to shut up or she's grounded. haha

So back to the subject.... what is it about new feelings that brings on the daydreams? And what is it about the daydreams that brings on the "glow"? I think it's our souls recognition of possibility. And hope (there's that word again!). I think most of the time we are so busy trying to guard ourselves because of all of the baggage we all have from past experiences. When we start falling for someone and our soul feels that it's genuine, that's one of the few times in our lives that we don't fight our spirit's attempt to respond to hope. I think the glow is the natural manifestation of hope. We get filled with wonder. We start looking at things differently. Smiling more. Personally, I think it's the best feeling in the world. I felt this way when I held each of my newborn babies too....same thing. Wonder, peace, joy, longing, happiness, smiles. Wow. I'm all aglow and personally, I think I wear it well.