I can't remember a day in recent history that was as good as today was. Wow what a difference a day makes! I had no idea when I woke up this morning that I would feel so much different today. Not just physicallly, but emotionally. First off I got my cable box fixed, YAY ME! lol Then I got to get out and get a haircut....which meant I got a head, neck & arm massage too.... even bigger yay me! lol I LOOOOOOOOOOVE massages! ahhhhhhhhh If I were rich I would pay someone to just touch and rub on me all day every day! I got to talk to a great guy too (you know who you are!). ;)

All of those things made for a really great day but the thing that made it the best was that I got a message from an old friend today. To make a long story short.... this is an old friend that I never thought I would speak to again. We separated on really bad terms and there were alot of hard feelings. The message was basically an apology and an affirmation that things are okay between us. Man!!! The power of a note like that!!! I have been wondering if they were still mad at me. I've also been wanting to tell them that I've forgiven them too. Well, with just a few clicks on the keyboard we both now know. I'm so grateful.

I've been extremely emotional about this today and can't believe the change in my spirit. I feel lighter, happier and more hopeful. Someone even commented tonight about what a great laugh I have! I didn't realize it had been so long since my laugh had come out to play! lol The burden has been lifted and for the first time in a long time I feel peaceful and joyful. Really, I think that for the first time I've given myself permission to forgive myself and that's the journey we're really on... a personal one.