The best weekend ever

This was one of the best weekends I can remember.... EVER. This is gonna be short and sweet because I was supposed to be in the shower for work 10 minutes ago. :) I left town Friday evening to go meet Tim... and as you've all read, that went GREAT! :) So then when I arrived at Allison's it was time for girls weekend! :) Originally the plan was to have people over and play games and order chinese food. But since her furnace broke and there were other "issues" (aka tiffany's stinky butt problem lol) we were forced to change plans.

Megan picked me up and we decided to go out to eat. We ended up at the Olive Garden (love it there!). We got there before anyone else and so we waited for them in the bar. Since I wasn't driving and didn't have any kids with me.... hey, why not??? :) So a few drinks and one appetizer later we were seated and then all of my girls started showing up.

There is nothing in this world like girlfriends. We need each other... and it's when people lose sight of the fact that they need their girlfriends that they are headed for trouble! I love round dining tables.... I think every restaurant and every home should have them. As you sit around the table you can see everyone, you can talk to's perfect.

So, as I sat around this table with my girlfriends I was able to look at and appreciate each and every one of them. We are all so looks, experiences and personalities. But it's great the way that God has brought us together and blessed us in spite of our differences. We laughed, cried.... it was "hehehe, too damn funny". ;) And I got my dinner for free! YAY ME! :)

After dinner, we went to see Madea's family reunion. I LOOOOOOOOOOVE TYLER PERRY!!! Love, love, love, love, love. I've seen all of his plays...which are much better than the movies by the way. We had a great time, in spite of the idiots sitting around us that wouldn't be quiet.

When I left Soapies house Sunday evening everything had been so great and perfect that weekend that I couldn't resist stopping to see Tim on my way home.........just as fantastic as on Friday. :)

It's amazing how just a few days away with people that mean so much to me can refresh my spirit this much.