Two peas in a pod

Meeting people online has never been my "thing". It seems that every guy I meet is nothing but a nasty perv. I even had to quit playing yahoo gin because I couldn't even get in a couple of hands before I started getting hit on and having naked pictures sent to me. Pathetic! I usually avoid talking to new guys at all costs because of it. So it's really intersting to me that several months ago I met someone online that I felt immediately comfortable with. :)

I actually contacted Tim first because of a situation with his 360 page that was kind of funny and we started chatting that night and haven't stopped since... that was five months or so ago. I was immediately comfortable with him....something that never happens to me online. I always have my guard up to protect myself from the idiots I mentioned earlier, but there was a natural ease between us that I can't explain. We have so much in common that it's kind of eerie. We are "peas in a pod" in almost every situation. Our likes/dislikes, our beliefs about family and child-rearing..... just about everything we've come across so far. He has such a masculine yet gentle way about him. He is chivalrous and kind. Smart and funny. I just can't think of anything that doesn't impress me about him. The only thing I might change about him is his address. lol He lives about an hour and 45 minutes from me.

We had actually gotten to the point where we were both intersted in meeting each other..... and we finally got to yesterday! On the way to Soapies house for the weekend I drove to his house first and let me tell you....I'm every bit as impressed with him in person as I have been online and on the phone. We went to dinner and then breakfast after we stayed up all night long talking and talking and getting to know each other. It was a really great night and I think I have a perma-smile on my face today. :) It's been a long time since I've felt like this and it feels good. It's time. And I'm ready. :)