Good to go

"Aidan" has a music video!!! Who knew?

I love, love, love John Corbett. You guys know who he is... of course most importantly he played "Aidan" on Sex and the City (hello kitty! His most important role EVER!!! LOL) and he also played the love interest in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, among other things. He's so darn adorable...just a simple, nice guy. Well imagine my surprise today when I opened up AOL music and saw that he has a music career going now. It's country.... okay I was kind of surprised, but then again not really...he kind of gives off that vibe. I feel thoroughly guilty though admitting that I didn't really like the song. I'm loyal to those I love and I feel like I'm stabbing Aidan in the back. lol AND WHAT'S GOING ON WITH THOSE SIDEBURNS SWEETIE??? Not his best look in this video. He's so handsome, why'd he have to go and screw it up like that..... *sigh with dissappointment* Oh well. Good luck with the new career John.

While I wasn't crazy about the song, I did like the message. It talks about the different things that have happened in his life and that he doesn't want it to end anytime soon but that if it does then he's had so much great stuff happen that he's good to go. Great message! It's about counting your blessings...something we all need to do more of don't you think?

I'll just list a few of mine here....

I got saved when i was 15! I have friends (old & new) that have been awesome and so much fun. I know what it's like to laugh so hard I've peed myself or snort. LOL I've held four of my own beautiful newborn babies in my arms. I've held the hands of many beautiful people as they slipped out of this world.....and I've even managed to lead some to Christ on their deathbeds. I've graduated from college. I've sipped martini's next to Pepe while he told me I looked like Marissa Tomei until the wee hours of the morning while he kept smoothing my hair back over my face (he loved to touch my hair), and then we had our picture taken by total strangers who had cameras....I wonder what happened to those pics. I've swam in a beautiful, warm aqua sea. I've stood in a parking lot and held up cue cards to the person I loved because I wanted to make ammends with him, I've stood at the base of the statue of liberty and I've stood in the hole of what used to be the world trade centers. I got to hear Chris Hughes preach the gospel, I got to see justice prevail in our courts, I've been there when all four of my children were born and then born again in Christ, I've told perfect strangers that they are handsome or beautiful, had one one-night stand, but I've had so many passionate, beautiful kisses. I've had sex where I shouldn't, when I shouldn't with whom I shouldn't...and loved every minute of that broom closet! lol I've felt so much passion and love that even the memories of it are sometimes too much to handle. That's my perfect, beautiful life. Sometimes messy, sometimes noisey and sometimes way too quiet. But there's never been a dull moment. My life has been a rollercoaster ride. You wait around for what seems like years then you get on and buckle up. You wonder how bad could it possibly be? But your scared. What if something happens? You could fall out of the seat for cryin out loud! At worst you just might look really silly from all the screaming and your hair is all windblown and you might have a bug or two stuck in your teeth.......but you had a great time....and you want more!

I could go on and on and on...... this is because I am a blessed, blessed woman.... and I know it. Just thinking of the sweetness that I have had in my life leaves me with a tear in my eye and a soft smile on my face. I hope it doesn't end, but if it does...... I'm good to go. :)