Quick update...

YES! They got my background check back

and everything was good to go.

I started orientation yesterday,

so am now successfully bored out of my mind this week

as I hear about flex-accounts and 401k's and

how to use fire extinguishers.

Oh well, it's WONDERFUL problem to have! :)

Beyond that, I'm just tired. Still trying to get caught up on sleep,

trying to get some boxes unpacked little by little while still

paying attention to the kids.

Basically, I'm tired but good. :)

Thank you for all of your prayers and good wishes...




Suz Broughton said…
YAY! I'm glad to hear it!
Love you Soap! Glad to hear the good news!
Allison said…
Glad to hear that things are settling down and that a bit of normalcy is returning....even if just a little