It's a love story, baby just say yes....

We did so much traveling this summer. Fly here, fly there. Drive here, drive there. Meet here, then meet there. Going to see different sites, spending time in different places for work. Because of this, we spent so much time in the car together and the soundtrack of the summer ended up being provided by Taylor Swift.

She's has always been a favorite of my girls, but this summer Maddie got her new cd and it played on a loop in our cd player all summer long, especially while we were driving. Somehow no one got sick of it until probably the last 20 miles of our last trip, which is kind of amazing considering how many times we listened to it. There were some catchy tunes, some sentimental tunes, and then there were tunes that made me learn something..... that I had an entire car full of Juliets.

As different as they all are, it turns out that these little beauties are all way too much like their mother in this way. They are all in love with the idea of being in love. Their hearts are already searching for their Romeos, even if they aren't fully aware of it yet.

As the words of this song poured out of the speakers, whatever they had been doing would come to a complete stop and they would all sing with all the passion in the world to "Love Story" and for just that moment there was a very obvious and vulnerable window into their hearts...and it was beautiful and scary at the same time. It makes me happy for the possibilities of their futures but also terrified for the almost definite heartache that will be headed their ways because of it.