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Courtney at Maddie's 3rd bday party

Darren & Maddie at Maddie's 3rd bday party

Amelia coming into the world (Yes, I had a water birth). Look how tiny her little head is!
That's Courtney's head behind me watching her little sister take her first breath.

Here's baby girl and her fuzzy head a few days later.


My very first webpage was called

"Veronica's Crafts, etc."

I started it in the late 90's in an attempt to

help people find different cross-stitching/needlework pages.

I know, right? lol

Anyways, I had some pics of my family, etc. on there too.

I guess it was my early, subconscious attempt at a blog.

Well, I had forgotten all about it until recently and when

I went back, it was like a time capsule!

I haven't been there or signed in since January of 2001.

Amelia's birth announcement is still up

and there are still pictures of our family

that include the evil one. (blah)

It was actually awesome to see some of them and I smiled as I looked through it.

My babies were so little!

Then I started looking through the guestbook and found

some sweet comments people had made

years ago that I had never seen yet! Such as this:

"Hi Veronica-
I've been trying to contact you-but have failed. I wanted to know if you were still selling candles. I bought one from you on ebay and it was the best candle I've ever used. Please let me know!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!
-Jennifer :)

Aww! :)

I love hidden, surprise blessings.


Anonymous said…
Can you still visit it?

Yes! :) Where I have the name of the page typed should be a working link. If not, the link is:
You can also google "Veronica's Crafts etc" and I'm sure it would come up.