Praying for Jessica....



Jessica has been a part of my life since before she was born.

Her mom & I struggled through the days of being in a strange place

far from home while our husbands were in the military.

We were both young & newly married

and we hit it off from the very first minute &

haven't stopped being friends since.

Jessica was sick as a baby...

I'll spare you all of the intimate details.

It all boils down to the fact that she had to have a shunt placed

to help drain the fluid from her brain.

And now, the shunt is malfunctioning and she is in a lot of pain.

She has to have surgery to replace it tomorrow.

Please pray for her.

She's Courtney's best friend

& just like another daughter to me.

We love you Jecca & are praying for you!!!

Get well quickly!!!


Jessica came through surgery

with flying colors.

They had to replace two parts of the shunt due to

malfunction, but everything is working

beautifully now.