One more box empty

I managed to get yet another box unpacked today. And it was one of the BIG ones! I know...go white girl, go white girl, go!

I need to begin working on the girls rooms and the hallway/office area. I have been pouring over my ikea catalog and marking every page that is wanting me to spend money. And although I admit that this is totally being filtered through an ambien haze, I still think that the kids must have plenty of things that we could repurpose to use for their room. Whether we have to beef it up to make it look cool again or put a new coat of paint on it, etc. I'm sure there's a bookshelf or something that can help us. So tomorrow we'll check into all of that.

I want us all to feel completely unpacked and settled so that we can feel peaceful in our home. I'll put some pictures over on Pork Chops sometime soon so that you can see the progress we've been making so far.

Check it out!