Friday Five

  1. Reunited and it feels so good. All of my little ducks are back in the nest now. Feels good. I missed them. And I've only had to b'gawk once about bad attitudes. THAT'S progress.
  2. Moving sucks as much now as it did a few months ago. Maybe I should have foregone the company housing and went straight to permanent so that I wouldn't have to do this again 2 months later. Can't wait till everything is unpacked and settled.
  3. Spent the evening with Allison & Heather last night while they got caught up on this seasons SYTYCD. I'm proud of Allison for trying to get caught up so early in the season! I mean, the finale is only tonight! That's progress for her! :)
  4. Amelia couldn't wait for her birthday tomorrow to open her gift. I missed her so much that I let her open it a day early. She's stoked with her new Nintendo to come on Pork Chops (maybe tomorrow?)
  5. Pray for my new job. They said if they don't get my background check by tomorrow afternoon that I won't be able to start until the next orientation...TWO WEEKS from now! GAH!! Not good for the bank account!


Suz Broughton said…
Yay! for #1!!
How did #5 turn out? Did they receive you bg check? Hope so.
It was great to see you too! Love you bunches!