Happiness is noisy!

Being worried about my kids' happiness has been a very real concern lately. I don't want to uproot them. That was never the goal. But you go where the work is. You go where the prying eyes (or harmful hands) of "the evil one" won't be able to get to them all-too-soon when he is out and roaming around seeking who he can hurt next. And you go where everyone will be happy, not just one or two people in the family.

Thing is, I knew they would be happy. Deep down I did, anyways. I knew before they knew, but the more they protested, the more I started to worry that I was wrong and that I'd made a horrible decision.

Then it happened.

They are all HAPPY!!!

Amelia even got in the car yesterday when I picked her up and shouted, "I LOVE school!!! I've never even liked school before and now I LOVE it!!!" My heart smiled. I have gotten reports like that back from all three of my little beauties and I knew that I had my a wise decision. I did good. More than that, God is good. He is taking care of us and the entire healing process. It is happening and we are all h.a.p.p.y.

This happiness comes with a small price though.... singing. Maddie has always been a loud little chatterbox, but she has taken it to a new level in the past few days. She is literally singing at the top of her lungs ALL. DAY. LONG. At first it was entertaining, now it's exhausting! First, yesterday I told her she needed to pipe down, so she decided to take it into the bathroom and sing during her shower. Well, the bathroom windows were open that lead to the stairs and sidewalk below and she said she could hear kids outside stop playing and say "what the heck is that??" during her serenade. lol

Then today, she went to the grocery store with Courtney and supposedly was dancing and singing through the aisles when Courtney said some guy stopped her and said, "I wish I had whatever SHE'S on!" Later in the evening? You guessed it...singing, singing, singing. She's partial to the new Miley Cyrus song about "there's a party in the USA..." well, the "yeah-yeah-yeah-eah" part that's in that song is one thing Maddie likes to repeat over. and over. and over. ad nauseum. So much so that I sent her a text message earlier saying, "Shut up already! Geez!" I could hear her singing stop and her response of "Wah! Mommy just told me to shut up!" She came out laughing and said, "why did you tell me to shut up? I've never heard a complaint from anyone else!"

So I sent Darren a text message that said, "Send Maddie a text and tell her to shut up because you can hear her singing all the way in northern Ohio." So he did. It got a similar response of, "Wah! He told me to shut up too!" She insists I put him up to it, I say I don't know what she's talking about. But it didn't work anyways, she's still just as giddy and loud as she's been.

I guess it's a tradeoff that I'm more than happy to take. I'll just have to find and unpack my earplugs.