It's only been three years in the making, but Randy's room is E-M-P-T-Y!!!! WOOHOO!!! And I hope he reads this too!!!

As much as he owes and as little as he's done you'd think as a man he'd be embarrassed. He's not though. He always tries to play himself up to be in the right and to be the hero. And God only knows the stories I'm sure he's made up about me to the rest of the world to make me look bad and himself like the good guy trying to help me out. He claimed recently that he needed to move back in with his mom to "help her out". Whatever player....just go! lol God bless you, now go! I told him he still owes what he owes though and so insulted me by giving me $50.00 and then moving out. You know what? That's ok too! Shooo fly! lol I wish him all the luck in the world and in his future...but ex-spouses don't belong in the same house.

So now, whether we sell the house or work something out to keep it is up to the Lord. I really don't know which way it will work. And I have to admit I'm really sad that Darren is gone (even temporarily). I know he can be a pain in the butt, but he's still my son and I'm really uncomfortable with him being over there. Isn't that the same house that last year Randy refused to let Courtney go stay at during her drama because it was "no place for kids to be"? Yeah, I thought so too. But Darren has it in his mind that the grass is so much greener and this is something he has to get out of his system. I'm so worried about there not being any supervision though. My fear is that he's going to start running the streets with his friends (they now live back in our old neighborhood on Brownell Ave.) and will start getting into trouble, drinking, or whatever else. Even if it turns out differently later, for right now I'm just looking at it like he's at Randy's for summer visitation. If it works out well, then we'll discuss something more permanent...but we'll see.

Randy is so devious and manipulative....I'm just so glad to have his unhealthy presence out of here. Darren didn't respect our authority because he thought he'd be able to play Dad against Mom, etc. Not to mention my husband deserves a flippin medal for putting up with this for the last year!!! What a guy!

Even though I hate change, some change is good. A new day is coming. :)