Conversation with myself

Hey have such sadness in your eyes. Do you know that you are dearly loved?

Who me?


That's what they say...but I'm having so much trouble feeling it where it counts right now.

You are. You are beautiful..the King is entrhralled with your beauty.

I know. Why does that sometimes not feel like enough? Why is it other people that I want to love me so bad?

Because you're human.

I hear you in one ear and in the other ear I hear the white hot demon of depression reminding me how unlovable I am. For so many reasons. Why does it come so easy for some people? Why do I suck so bad? This was never my agenda....not my life, my personality, my education, my career, my children, my marriages, my churches. None of it. I'm trying to make the best of what I have but I'm struggling so bad.

You are dearly loved. You are.