OMG Courtney

Here are a few of the answers my dork of a daughter put on one of her surveys.... she cracks me up. lol

*What's your zodiac sign?capricorn...i think its a mixbetween unicorns and regular corns.

*Are you Asian?: yes (whatever! you're such a dork lol)

*Romantic or spontaneous: that like the sopranos?

*Do you believe in love at first sight?: not if your blind

*Why did your last relationship fail?: because we didn't pass

*Been on a house boat?: how in the world do you pick up a house and put it on a boat...

*Cried because you lost a pet?: yeah. i cried when my brother was just a very depressing day

*Smile or eyes: smile...but i like it when they have eyes too.

*Intelligence or attraction: both. no wait. im lieing attraction