I've officially done it!

Ok...the chemo is officially on board. After working up some courage and reading tons of stuff about it just now, I got up, walked over to the table, threw the pills in my mouth and swallowed. No procrastinating! If I thought about it for even a second I couldn't swallow it....boy my husband would find that familiar huh? lol (ok soapy...there's your sleepy blog!!! heehee). Anyways....I'll take it every Friday and I will probably not see much benefit for 6 weeks. Please pray for me though. This med has terrorized me! I've been scared to deeeeaaaaattttthhhhhh about taking this and have procrastinated for a while now. Some people say they know someone (it's always one of those medication urban legends...."I know someone who knows someone who took it....", but no one ever has a first-hand account) who's taken it and done ok, and then others say "oh no! you're gonna be sooo sick!!" So I have the possibility of doing quite well, or doing pretty bad. We'll see. Some nausea and minor hair loss is what it says on the pharmacy form. I have to get my liver checked every 3 months because it can cause cirrhosis and/or hepatitis. It can also affect my kidneys. So off we go!!! Keep up the prayers guys!! Thank and love you all!!!
p.s..... I've gotten a few messages wondering what I'm taking the chemo for and suddenly realized maybe not everyone knows! So I just thought I'd stick on here a little response I just sent out to a friend....It's for my lupus...it's been too out of control for too long. Since chemo wipes out your immune system (lupus is immune based) it's hoped that as my immune system rebuilds itself it will be a more controlled and well-behaved immune system. It's like a bad kid that needs a timeout I guess. lol :)