A thankful heart

Well, after a heck of a drive we're finally here! For those of you who don't know where "here" is...it's West Virginia where my parents moved last year when they retired. We were invited to come down for Thanksgiving and hesitantly said yes. For one reason...I LOVE spending the holiday at home...it's for being home and relaxing with family. Secondly...the time of year! I just KNEW it was going to blizzard!!! And guess what??? I WAS RIGHT!!! The whole way down here it was nearly white-out conditions. By the time I got here the entire front of my car was 2 inches thick with ice. My step-dad had to take a snow scraper and bust the ice off of my headlights for me! But the kids are really excited because they get to go sledding down the mountain that my parents now call home (don't ask me why...that mountain-loving gene is missing from my DNA) tomorrow when my brother Kevin brings over the sleds. When my parents moved down here pretty much everyone followed them. They've just about convinced my little brother to come down and then there will be just me left! And forget it pal! I'm NOT moving to these mountains! They're beautiful to look at, but by the time I get to their house after driving in them I'm cussing like a sailor! lol So anyways, we've arrived at our family's new home-base and tomorrow my brothers and sisters-in-law, nephews, and probably even a few pets will be here for dinner. (Which of course means that I will be ready to come back home by lunchtime!!! haha) So for tonight my little ones are enjoying their time with Grandpa, Courtney's disappeared to one of the bedrooms to take advantage of the free long distance (yes, they really have free long distance down here! You could call France and it would be free!)And I am here..on the computer being a horrible house guest! So I'd better get in there and participate. I hope you all have a fabulous holiday! May we all be thankful for the blessings in our lives and know that they all come from above. May all of the Americans who cannot be here for the Holiday have their hearts lifted and spirits blessed. God bless our soldiers, our families, our homes, our lives, our churches, our president and mostly GOD BLESS AMERICA.