Tell Mama

Most people think I'm crazy.... but I love, love, love, love, love Janis Joplin. I was just watching a documentary on a music Festival from 1970 that she was in and it reminded me all over again how much I love her. Hers was a really tragic story... she was young and made some pretty bad mistakes... but which one of us hasn't. I'm not here to judge her or analyze her...only to honor her. Man, her voice gives me goosebumps...she's awesome! I now have two of her songs going back and forth in my head... Cry Baby and Tell Mama (all about it!.... I'm jammin over here! lol)She was a passionate woman who dove head first into everything she did (gee, sounds familiar lol)...even to her demise. I hope I can learn from her mistakes but also take from her the good things...she was a cool woman.