Isn't this supposed to be flu season???

The nursing supervisor just called me and h.c.'d me (house convenience) for the first four hours of my shift because they have too much staff scheduled for the few patients that we have. I have two thoughts... 1.) HOLY CRAP! I'm broke and need to work!!! lol and 2.)I thought this was supposed to be flu season!!! I know I have been sick as a D-0-G for the past two weeks and actually feel worse today than I have for several days..... am I the only one??? Where are all the sick people???

Oh well, there's a reason for everything and I should just be grateful that I don't have to be getting ready for work right now as miserable as I feel. So, for the next few hours I'm going to be chilling out and relaxing on the couch and wondering if I'm going to work at 11 or if they're going to cancel me then too. Can you tell I'm all "cough-syrup'd" up? lol I'm kind of babbling!! I guess maybe it's a good thing they cancelled me! haha

Ok, so here's the update. They tried to cancel me again at 11:00 and I basically begged for mercy. So I got to go in for 8 hours and immediately felt bad about it because while i was grateful I was earning much-needed family kept calling for help... courtney is sick, amelia is throwing up, amelia is starting to have an asthma attack...where's her inhaler? etc,etc,etc. So I felt totally guilty and helpless about being at work...and I felt bad for Courtney that she had to deal with all of that. She's almost 14 but she's just a baby herself. Other than that though, work was great. Quiet and slow. Or should I say s-l-o-o-o-o-o-o-ow. That's more like it. lol I decorated the floor for Christmas and tried to make time pass quicker. And now I'm home. I've taken my sleeping pill and am feeling sufficiently stoned from it...I think I'll be able to sleep now. :) I'd better get going to bed. Have a good day everyone! :)