Oh Christmas tree

Well, the tree is up, some of the lights are up outside (the ones where no ladder was required) and needless to say.... I'M WHOOPED!!! I'm frustrated because last year I made a BEAUTIFUL pine garland for around the kitchen entryway and now it's missing. It had lights, pinecones, red bulbs...all kinds of goodies...nope, nowhere to be found. My gut is telling me that last year when I asked Darren to carry it out to the shed for me he was too lazy and decided to just throw it away instead. But of course I can't prove that. So I'm out of luck. GRRRR. Other than that the house is looking gorgeous!I usually have a big Christmas party every year....and I'm starting to get the itch! I love, love, love, love, love getting the house all prettied up, putting on some Christmas music and having all of my friends over(the ones that will venture out in the snow and don't live four hours away anyways lol). We'll see what happens. Other than that...not a whole lot going on here! I'm going to be making candles tomorrow....ORDERS STILL BEING TAKEN PEOPLE!!! (just send either me or Allison a message!) Allison, Shawnda and hopefully Megan are supposed to be coming up around the 12th.... YAY US!!! Girls weekend, candlemaking, Christmastime....what could be better???? I'm so excited! I can't wait!!! :)