To blog....

I've talked for years about the notes that I find everywhere, or scraps of paper, covered with little sayings, thoughts, quotes, moods, feelings...whatever the muse is speaking to me at that point in time.  Anyone who is creative knows that you need to move when the muse does or you miss out.  It's at those times that I reach for the nearest thing to write on, and I write whatever pops into my head or my heart.  It can be one word, or a whole paragraph.  A color or a song, a thought or a comment.  Well, sometimes I gather all of these things up from everywhere and I add them all to a running word document that I have that's labeled "To Blog."  Then there they sit until I sift through and pick something that's speaking to my heart and I write about it.  Or maybe I pluck something out and use it as a little quip in something I'm writing.  Either way, this document grows by the day and gets so big sometimes, that I have to weed things out and toss them.  Well, I figured that I am going to stop wasting my little tid-bits, and instead I am going to randomly post my little bits here.  Maybe daily for a while, maybe weekly.  Not sure.  Just as I feel like it.  They will be random, and they will probably not make much sense to every reader all of the time.  They aren't developed, they are the rough draft, straight from my heart or brain.  So, here's To Blog, # 1.

There are plenty of other fish in the sea, but I’m nowhere near the sea.  I’m in the desert.

lurve you, xoxo v.