Crouching tiger, hidden agenda....

Okay, I had an issue today.

We ALLLLLL know the issues I have 
with Courtney's boyfriend [read: bastard] Josh.

Those close to me
unfortunately saw the facebook debacle
that happened the other night
that centered around him.

It was very, very ugly.

now I know that normally,
I'm a lover, not a fighter.
Get me angry & make me feel
like I have to defend myself or my children,
and I'm like pitt-bull.

So, tell me....
I mean, who...
Who in their right mind
would want to poke a stick at 
someone in that state of mind?
After watching what happened between
Courtney & I,
and seeing the things I had to say about him,
can you BELIEVE he sent me several
text messages today?


A little background.
Last month his mom was diagnosed
with cancer.
Today he pulls out a total
attempted-manipulation move
(that I wonder if Courtney was behind)
and texted me saying,

"I know it's a little early for you to forgive me,
but this cancer thing has me freaked out.
Do you think you can talk to me,
because you're the only Christian I know."

Now, normally, something like this would have me on my
knees at the altar, praying for forgiveness & asking
for words to say to him.

I could just pray for forgiveness,
and then tell him,
"Courtney's a Christian.  Talk to her about whatever you need."

I think that was pretty gracious given my state of mind.

I then told Courtney she'd better get 
her boyfriend on a leash.
And that he has no reason to contact me ever,
 unless it's urgent and 911 is involved.

I'm so irritated with this kid. ugh.
lurve you, xoxo v.