Meet me Mondays....

There's this thing that many bloggers do called
"Meet me Mondays"
in which they answer questions about themselves.
This is because even though we tend to
pour ourselves out in our blogs,
many people never really get to know the real person
behind the blogs.

I decided I like this idea,
especially going with the whole "friend" theme this month.
However, I'm not linking to this survey thing
that these other bloggers are doing,
because I'm breaking their format.
Honestly, many of their questions are lame.
I hate that "What were you thinking one hour ago" kind of stuff.
I'm not saying I'd never answer those kinds of things,
but their surveys are pretty weighed down with them.
So, I'm picking some to answer and tossing out the rest.

Feel free to send me questions of your own or to chime in with your thoughts! :)

  1. Are you superstitious about anything?
  2. What word or phrase do you find really annoying?
  3. How many languages do you speak?
  4. Do you read the newspaper daily?
  5. Were you ever a girlscout?
  6. Do you sleep with a nightlight on?
  7. What is your most hated household chore?
  8. Do you make your bed every day?
  9. What do you do for a living?
  10. What is your worst pet-peeve?
1.   Are you superstitious about anything?  Yes, unfortunately.  Part of my brain doesn't believe in being superstitious, but the other part is very superstitious.  Nurses, in general tend to be superstitious creatures.  Walk into a nursing unit at the hospital and say, "Boy!  It sure is a QUIET night around here!"  And see how fast things get thrown at you.  And I always *knock* so I don't jinx things.  That's very important.

2.  What word or phrase do you find really annoying?  Okay, this answer is going to be a little crass, but y'all should be used to that around here.  And it's also why I hate these things so much.  Did you ever think you'd hear me say there are words I think are too crude?  Okay, the first one is "titties."  H-A-T-E.  Blech! All I think of is my dad and all of his nasty, drunken, drugged buddies lounging around the living room talking this and that about "titties."  So trashy.  Hate hate hate.

The other one is "pop her cherry" or any version thereof.  So nasty.  So gross.

3.  How many languages do you speak? Mainly only English, but I took four years of French in high school.  Yeah, not much of it stuck.  I do adore the French language though.  I think it is so sexy and romantic and there is so much history behind it.  If I really believed in reincarnation, I would believe I was someone French in a past life.  I still know several words, but not how to link them together.  I know my a,b,c's too. 

As far as Spanish goes, that's the language I really need to know, but I find it SO boring.  Living here in Phoenix, a majority of my patient population are spanish-speaking.  I know several words, like "pain" and several curse words.  Before I knew exactly what "culo" meant, I used it on an old lady.  Ha!  I thought it meant "bottom" or "private parts."  Little did I know, it means "ASS".  The memory of the look on her face is priceless now that I know I told her to move her blanket so I can wash her ass.

4.  Do you read the newspaper daily?  No, almost never.  Actually, never never.  Some may consider that irresponsible, but hardly any of it is ever good news and for the same reasons I won't watch scary movies, I won't read the paper.  Garbage in, garbage out.  I don't want that negative crap floating around in my head.

5.  Were you ever a girlscout?  Yes I was.  From third grade until 8th grade.

6.  Do you sleep with a nightlight on?  No!  I HATE light when I'm sleeping.  I like it pitch-black and even then, sometimes I'll wear a sleeping mask.  If there is anything to distract my brain, it will race with thoughts all night long.  Sometimes, even it it's dark, if I'm able to have my eyes open, they will be open and my mind will be turning.  When I have a mask on, my eyes have to stay closed and my mind almost instantly calms and I fall asleep.

7.  What is your most hated household chore?  Ugh!  Without a doubt that would be COOKING.  I can't stand it.  Don't get me wrong, I do cook because I have to and only when I have to, and I'm actually a pretty good cook.  But I will do ANYTHING to get out of it.  And honestly, I spend WAY too much money eating out and need to stop that.  I don't know what to do to get me to enjoy cooking though.

8.  Do you make your bed every day?  That would be a big, fat YES.  I'm actually very particular about my bed.  It needs to be made before I can get into it, and I will usually wake up with it looking just about the same as when I fell asleep.  If it gets messed up, you know I slept really crappy.  And if it gets too messy through the night, I will actually get up and re-make it in the middle of the night.  I can't sleep if it's not neat.  During the one whole week that I lived with Paul, this was actually one of the main issues we came across.  He is the polar opposite of me when it comes to beds.  He could care less how long the sheets have been on the bed, never uses a top sheet, and never makes the bed.  He has an old comforter that is just kind of in a heap on top of the bed and he crawls underneath of it, whether it's straight or not.  U-G-H!  I can't put into words how bad this skeeved me out!  After a day or so, I actually started making MY half of the bed for myself.  My half of the bed had a top sheet, tucked in at the bottom and a neat comforter, etc.  Like a line in the sand, right down the middle of the bed.

9.  What do you do for a living?  I am a Registered Nurse.  Nine years spent in cardiac, and four of those years also included neuro/stroke experience.  One year spent as a house supervisor and one year spent as the clinical manager of two cardiac floors.  Know what I learned after all that?  Yeah, I learned that I hate working in the hospital.  I'm good at it, but I've had enough.  And management is definitely not for me.  I can't stand all the butt-kissing and bureaucracy.  And I want my life to be my life.  I'm not interested in being gone away from home more hours every day and selling my soul to the company just so I can say I kept climbing that ladder.  Could I have kept climbing?  Of course I could have.  But at what cost?  Work is a way to support my life, it's not my life itself.  Now, I'm a home health care visiting nurse and I LOVE IT!  I had no idea this world outside of the hospital even existed!  Can't imagine ever going back.

10.  What is your worst pet-peeve?  Oh man, I have so many, how do I just pick one?  Maybe the top few?  I admit it, I'm kind of a picky bitch.  I'm not horrible, but I'm my own worst critic.  First, people that keep me waiting.  I think it's the rudest thing ever.  If you say you will be here at 1:00, then don't roll up at 4:30 saying, "Oh, sorry I'm late " like my time is worth nothing.  Second, people who fold a piece of paper in half, then proceed to drag their fingernails down the paper sharpening the crease.  *OMG, I just got chest pains after typing that sentence!*  Paper is the grossest, most nasty thing in the world to me.  I hate the way it feels, smells, the sound of it, anything.  SKEEVES ME OUT!  And to have someone dragging nails across it like that, UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!  I will usually take the paper away from the person, whether I know them or not.  So gross.

lurve you, xoxo v.