Prayers ASAP!

Jessica is in need of your prayers
urgently and fervently.

If you've been here for a while,
you know the struggles she's had with her shunt
over the past year.
(short story: she was born with water on the brain
and has to have a shunt to drain the extra fluid.  
She had shunt failure multiple times
over the past year, and has had
to have it replaced several times.
There has been a lot of pain,
tears, infection, months in the hospital).

A week or so ago, she started getting
the tell-tale headaches and had to go into the hosptial.
It got so bad, that Courtney called me crying saying
she had to leave the room because the pressure
had become so intense on Jessica's brain,
that she was screaming in pain,
and the doctor had to open her head up
right there in the room.
At that point, the shunt also broke,
and they had to spend 45 minutes fishing 
around in her head to find this piece of 
shunt that had retreated into her brain.

For a week, the had an external shunt draining outside
of her body into a bag,
and everything was looking good.
Yesterday, they finally did surgery to
place a new shunt into her brain,
on the opposite side of her body than all the other times.
Well, now she's heading back into emergency surgery
for failure of this shunt
and is in severe pain again.

Maribel & Mike are exhausted and are at their wit's end.

Please pray for them all.

**She's out of surgery and recovering well at this time.  Keep praying!**
lurve you, xoxo v.