Line drawn.

When Courtney admitted to me that she was getting back together with Josh,
"I will be with him whether you like it or not!"
were the words used.

I kind of lost my shit.

I did.  I lost my shit and I laid down the big ultimatum of,
it's him or us.
You choose HIM or your FAMILY.
The line is drawn.
I feel that strongly about this piece of shit boy.

She said she would choose him.
When she saw I was serious, she then backtracked and said,
I never said I would choose him,
you're the one making the choice by disowning me.

If you're going to take a stand for something,
don't pussy out on it five minutes later
and try to shift the blame.

All I keep thinking about is
how God counts our tears
and keeps them in a bottle.
He knows intimately every wrong ever done to us,
and every tear that we've cried.
That's how I feel about her.
Watching her choose this bastard over me
(and that's what it's boiled down to for me),
kills me.
I've been the one there for her since birth,
and she picks this douchey, unfaithful motherfucker?
The one that said such despicable things to her
that I can't even repeat?


lurve you, xoxo v.