I'll spend forever wondering if you know....

From the moment Miss Madelaine opened her new Taylor Swift album on Christmas morning, it has been playing on a loop.  In the house, in the car... in the house again.  I don't mind because we all love T-Swizzle and she's like a part of our family by this point in her career.

Well, we love many of the songs, but Maddie's fave happens to be "Enchanted" and it gets played the most.  It has crept into my consciousness and plays over and over in my brain and really does touch that moody, dreamy spot in my soul that is my driving force in life.

At first when I would get lost in this song, a few certain people would come to mind but then the more I listened to it, and the more I saw my daughter sing it and twirl around, the more I realized that it was her that I have been enchanted to meet.  All three of my daughters, actually.  All three of these amazing little beauties that twirled their way right into my life at different times, with their big sparkly eyes, sweet smiles and bigger-than-life personalities.

Enchanting.  That's really the only word that describes my daughters to me.  At the end of the day, ever since they were born, even if the day was a horrible, wretched day and no one got along, once the moon had had it's say and was floating big in the sky, and a hush had settled upon our home, I would stand and look at my children while they were sleeping and love would gush through me.  I would smile and try to think of all the ways I could spend my life showing these little people just how blessed I am to have them.  And then I would wonder if they would ever know how happy I am to just know them.  I think they are some of the coolest people ever placed on this planet...and I get to know them! 

And to think that they actually chose me to be their mama?  That always leaves me speechless.  They are my best friends, actually.  I was thinking about that today.  If my kids aren't my friends, then who is?  They are there for me through thick and thin.  If I'm sick, they take care of me.  If I'm sad, they're trying to cheer me up or buy me comfort food.  They hang out with me every day and most nights.  We dance together, shop together, go out to eat together, do our nails, hair and watch movies together.  These are three of the best girlfriends I've ever had and I will spend forever wondering if they know.....

That I was enchanted to meet them.

Taylor Swift

lurve you, xoxo v.


Allison said…
Awwww!!! That's so sweet!! I must admit too....you do have some pretty awesome girls! I'm proud that they so lovingly call me their Aunt Soapie!! :)
Kate Mohler said…
Wow, what a sweet post! I don't have kids, but you almost made me wish I did. (not quite though) I feel this way about my sisters: unconditional love.
Anonymous said…
What a sweet post! You should get this poe printed and framed for them!