One of my many New Year's resolutions
is to get back to blogging regularly.

So, I figured an easy way to get back into
the routine, would be to follow
(National Blog Publishing Month).

(National Novel Writing Month)
is how I got so much done on my novel a few years ago,
so I know that the peer pressure works for me.

NoBloPoMo gives a theme for every month,
(January is "Friends")
and you have to promise to write a blog every day on that topic.

I guess January is set to be the "FRIENDliest" month of the year!
*snicker, snort*

I kill me.

But in all seriousness,
one of my other resolutions is to nurture all of my
relationships a little bit more.

The past year or so, 
I have needed to pull back,
and cocoon a little bit.
But I'm doing better now,
so I want to invest  little more
in all of my homies once again.

After all, what else does a woman 
have to get her through but her girlfriends?

And my list of girlfriends is pretty short these days,
let me tell you.
Well, not because I'm unlikeable or anything!
Like I said before, I've been a little distant sometimes,
and I'm also feeling a little hurt and neglected by a few girlfriends
and am nursing some wounds there.
Other than that, life is just hard man!
Sometimes it sucks to work all day long,
have to figure out where you'll find the energy
to cook dinner and help with homework,
and before you know it,
it's bedtime.
And you haven't responded to any
of those texts or calls.

This year I hope to do better.

lurve you, xoxo v.


Allison said…
"what else does a woman have to get her through but her girlfriends?"

I couldn't agree more! I love you and I miss you so much! I can't imagine the 38 years of my life without you in it!!!