You know you wanna try it

I have to tell you about something that has REVOLUTIONIZED my life!!!
Some people are gonna judge me,
some people are gonna laugh at me,
but the rest of you...
you'll get it.
And you'll be able to appreciate this.

People, I have two words for you...

(Okay, I swear the angels just sang when I said that!)

Ever since I was little I have H-A-T-E-D going to the grocery store.
I would physically get ill and have to sit down while there...just ask my mom!
As an adult, my cupboards are bare way too
often simply because I procrastinate about going to the store.
Everyone always wants to know why...

I don't know why!

I just can't stand it.
Especially after having worked all night long and being exhausted,
the thought of crawling out of bed, rushing to the store and coming back
to get dinner ready before running to work again...
And I've already shared how I can't trust Courtney
because she spends all my money.

the other night at work,
someone said, "You know safeway delivers, right?"
No.  I didn't know!
I immediately went to their website to check it out.
Sure enough!

last night at work, as soon as my paycheck hit my account,
I took my lunch break and went online to order my groceries.
I picked out everything I needed, paid for it,
and by 11:00 this morning all the bags were
delivered to my front door and that was that!

I have a full kitchen full of groceries and I barely had to lift a finger!
And it barely took any of my time...
something you can never get back once it's gone.
They aren't making any more time you know.

What was even better?
Free delivery for the first 60 days!

They should totally pay me to be their spokeswoman.


Anonymous said…
I LOVE GROCERY DELIVERY!! And everyone thought I was lame when I first did it and then one by one they all came around... I moved and we don't have it here but I sure miss it!
Lulu said…
I don't think we have anywhere near here that delivers, but if we did....

My CAptcha word for this coment: materf - as in tuhmater, without the 'tuh. :)