Imma Be…

There are so many ways for me to be
and I want to cover them all at least once before I die….
if I like them, then hopefully a lot more than once.
The most obvious ones that comes to mind right now are:
BE grateful
BE humble
BE kind
BE loving
BE loyal
BE joyful
BE generous
BE courteous
BE sweet
But there are many other BE’s in this hive that make me who I am. 
And I am supremely grateful for all of them as well.
BE wild
BE funny
BE a smart-ass
BE the shit
BE the MFW
BE hot
BE sexy
BE horny
BE unpredictable
BE witty
BE thrifty
BE confident
BE courageous
BE strong
BE soft
BE vulnerable
BE seductive
BE bad-ass
BE yourself.
BE you, ALL you, ALL the time
Simply just BE.
I am grateful to BE V.
All V.  All the time.