Happy Monday y'all!

So wuzzup everybody?? :)

I'm feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed....
and now it's midnight and can't do anything with it!

I worked over 50 hours in the past five days and was
Now I've literally slept ALL day and am lucky enough
to get ONE more whole day off.
But I'm grateful for it.

I like my new job, it's going really well.
I'm not nearly as tired as I would be if I were still working the floor though.

I've been working so much
(no more than normal, it just feels like it),
that last week was my anniversary
and I didn't even know it! lol
It's not like I would have celebrated it or anything, but still.

Speaking of the wasband...
I heard he's been badmouthing me and
saying that....get this....wait for it, wait for it..........

That I'VE stuck him with all the bills and
ruined his credit!
I know, right?
That is so far removed from reality I can only laugh at it. lol

Kids are sick again.
First it was Maddie, then it was Courtney.
Madelaine is actually starting to feel better now and
will probably be able to go to school tomorrow.
I'm just praying Amelia & I don't get it.
That's the LAST thing we need!

NEW MOON comes out in a few days!!!
Can I get a WOOT WOOT???
I can't wait!

One last thing...
I got flirted with today.
Oh yes I did!
And he is SINGLE. And VERY educated. And well-traveled.
Okay, he's young enough to, well, not be my kid,
but at least make me look like a COUGAR.
AND he asked if I was "taken, single or batting for the other team."
I guess you have to ask these days,
and it didn't offend me,
I had just never been asked that before
and it made me laugh!