AWW!  I'm doing something right!

We were just watching tv,
and there was a story about a family
who was down on their luck
& were being blessed with a gift of

I jokingly said,
"they can send some of that over this way!
We're poor too!"

Courtney looked at me like I was crazy and said,
"We are NOT poor.
We are the furthest thing FROM poor.
We are very blessed."

I thought my heart would pop out of my chest!!!
Although I fully agree with her,
it surprised me that SHE would feel that way!
That SHE would have actually learned that lesson over the years!

With the bank account buried on E,
and no food in the fridge,
to still have the knowledge that we are rich in other ways
and are blessed over-all...
Maybe my work here is done.
I've been so worried about her turning 18 next month *gulp*
actually I am still worried,
but maybe now I'm slightly less so.
Maybe the big stuff HAS sunk in here and there.

my cup runneth over.