I challenge you!

This is one of the best ideas that have made it
through my ambien haze in quite a while!

I get all philosophical and insightful when I have ambien on board
and tonight I was trying to think of ways that I can
make the lives of me & my girls beautiful, magical and full of wonder
as we will be entering into this holiday filled season.

Spirits have been drained and stress has taken its toll,
and this is the season of falling on our knees in thanksgiving and joy...
followed up with a season of pure joy and happiness over the miracle that happened
when God chose to send his only begotten son to Earth to be born in a manger....
well, you know the story! :)

So, as with any great meal, any college degree, any vacation...there is prep work to be done.
You have to prepare yourself for the event.
There are things that will make it better if you do it ahead of time.

So I've decided that the first step is to focus on getting our family
back on it's spiritual track the way that it should be.
To do that, we will be getting into church, we will be spending some family time together...maybe in the word every day.  Or even reading from a chicken soup for the soul book....you can be encouraged many places.

Then there's this challenge:
I want my family to listen to NOTHING but
Christian music or Christmas music (which IS Christian music)
for one whole month.  Yes!

I firmly believe that if we stick to this,
that not only will our spirits be renewed and our cups filled,
but it will in-turn make our holidays more beautiful and heart-filled.
We will enjoy each other more,
enjoy our lives more,
enjoy the process of blessing others with gifts more,
and it will make the time we share with our family & friends
feel that much more blessed.

I have a feeling my kids will give me grief at first...
till they see I'm not playing.
Then it will get better.

If you decide to do it too,
let me know how it goes!
We'll compare notes!!!


Anonymous said…
Good idea! If you want a good station to listen to on the web I like www.thejoyfm.com Let me know how it goes.

Love ya'll, Mom
Thanks, I will! So far the kids are all on board!