Time to close ranks! Prayer chain needed!

We need major prayer for Jessica again!
As you all know, Jessica has been Courtney's best friend since birth (literally).
She had some recent problems with the shunt that she has had in since birth and had to have it revised.
Well, the night before last, she began seizing and then went unconscious.
She scared the pants off of her parents (Mike & Maribel)
and they had to call the squad to take her to the hospital. 
They've since tapped some fluid out of the shunt and discovered that
she has a major infection in the fluid from her brain.
They are pumping her full of antibiotics,
but she is still severely sick and has been up vomiting and has an excruciating headache.
They may have to entirely replace her shunt altogether.
Please pray for our Jess and also for her family.
They are stressed about all of this and worried at the outcome.
Plus, this is Jessica's senior year and she's missing so much of it because of this!
So if you're a prayer...please pray.
Thanks so much!

She's still in the hospital.  She's getting major antibiotics and they are still contemplating redoing her entire shunt system.  She's still in a lot of pain.  However, the nurses helped take good care of her last night so that Maribel could FINALLY get some sleep (she hasn't slept in days).  Please keep praying!  She's not out of the woods yet.  But God is good and I know she will be soon!


Anonymous said…
Of course!!! Prayers, prayers and more prayers!!!!