14 Things that have made me love Valentine's Day

  1. Sweet valentine's packages received in the mail.
  2. Phone calls to let me know I am loved.
  3. Sweet cards to tell me the same thing.
  4. Valentines from little DJ that came in the mail.
  5. Timeless words and priceless pictures.
  6. Having valentine's lunch with Maribel and all of our kids.
  7. Having valentine's dinner with Allison, Shawnda, Heather and my girls.
  8. Wearing pink underwear with white hearts all over them.
  9. My new pink ipod.
  10. Looking through all of the old pictures on our "porkchop" blog with my kids and being so glad that we can look at our memories together. And also being blessed to know as you're looking through the different events how things eventually turn out.
  11. Romantic, love-filled music.
  12. Grubbing on all of the yummy chocolates that I was blessed with today.
  13. Seeing all of the sweet valentine's posts on other people's blogs.
  14. Looking at my freshly painted red toenails.


Suz Broughton said…
Happy Valentine's Day! I like your list.
Mary Moore said…
You're a very fortunate person!! Very loved! And very deserving of it!
Allison said…
...and you are loved very very much!!! =]