Top make out songs

I recently read a blog that talked about her favorite make out songs. I was so inspired, I decided to come up with a list of my own. It's funny how everyone's taste is different and what gets their motors running. :) These are in no particular order, by the way.

  1. I Belong To You -- Lenny Kravitz
  2. Baby -- Ashanti
  3. Dear Ben -- JLo
  4. Speechless -- Beyonce
  5. When Your Body Gets Weak -- Babyface
  6. Nasty Naughty Boy -- Christina Aguilera
  7. Feelin' Love -- Paula Cole
  8. Butterflies -- Alicia Keys
  9. Lets Stay Together -- Al Green
  10. Moments In Love -- Art of Noise
  11. Feel Like Making Love -- Bad Co.
  12. Crash Into Me -- Dave Matthews Band
  13. Giving Him Something He Can Feel -- En Vogue
  14. Breathe -- Faith Hill


Allison said…
I love "Dear Ben" too!!