Friday Five

  1. The court's website says that Scott was released from jail today. It also says that he can't have any contact with me. What scares me the most is that although it says he still has some suspended jail time based on good behavior, it also says that his probation has been completed. That makes me nervous. Keep praying for me.
  2. I was out of town for the week for some work-related training stuff and had a great time. Good to be home though because I missed my kids.
  3. This week was really good for my self-esteem. :) I received a lot of innocent (but good-for-me) compliments from various people and I think we all need that sometimes don't we? I was told that I smelled good, that I have soft skin, that I'm funny and smart. Shawnda even told me tonight, "You're so cute when you eat! Some people are just a mess and you're just so dainty." lol I was all "awww!" :)
  4. I am fully enjoying my new sofa even though it looks kind of like it ate my living room. It's much bigger than it looked in the showroom! I'm glad I didn't get the love seat too! For real. I do need to figure out something else to do as far as seating though. This old recliner I have I planned to put on the curb and now am sure that I need to because it just doesn't fit in here. I also need a new coffee table and CANNOT believe how much they cost now. Even like the barebones, square, piece of wood crappy table is like almost $200. When did this happen and how do I make it stop?
  5. I am fully looking forward to vegetating this weekend and getting caught up on DVR'd shows I missed this week. I should probably go to the grocery store, but fully plan to procrastinate on this matter as long as possible and plan to do as little as possible that doesn't include planting my butt on this comfy new couch that I have to get to know. Ahhhh! Let the games begin!