Life goes on

Now that most of the drama and excitement has died down, life has taken on the quiet rhythm of normalcy and while it can be boring, it's so nice. My friend Milie reminded me that, "You have been living on adrenaline for so long, one emergency to another, you have to adjust without it in your life." How true that is. I'm certainly no adrenaline junkie, but now when things are quiet, I can see how different it feels than any "normal" day on the crazy scale.

Scott called me the other day...twice. I was so irritated, especially since he's not supposed to have any contact with me but honestly, I'm surprised that it took him a week to call me and that he only tried twice. The first time I didn't accept and the second time I did so I could tell him to stop. He had an attitude with me, but he stopped and for that I am grateful. Surprised but grateful.

Other than that, things are good here. Daily life is all about taking the kids to school and picking them up. What's for dinner and getting ready for school the next day. I'm still working on the paperwork for my new job. Hopefully in the next day or so that will be completed. I still have to go get fingerprinted and get my physical. I think I'll do that tomorrow. I called my doctor to schedule a physical and was told it would be $120! (!!!!!) I told them never mind and looked for someplace cheaper. Thank goodness my friend Shawnda told me that one of the local Kroger's has a nurse practitioners office in it now. Who would have ever thought that there would someday be a doctors office in a grocery store by the frozen food section? So I call them and it's walk-in only and it will be only $33! woot woot!! :)

The only other thing going on in my life is that I need to get serious about losing weight. I've been saying it for a long time but REALLY need to. I used Allison's scale yesterday and it said I've lost like 9 pounds. If that's true, I'm thrilled but still need to take a ton off. I don't need to be skinny...I like my curves. I just want to be healthy and look good in my jeans again. Most people would still consider me a big girl at that size, but I like me and that's all I care about....and that's about another 40 pounds from here. SOOOO.... I need to find a treadmill! I've been looking on craigs list and believe it or not, there aren't any good ones! Oh sure, if I want to pay as much as I would in a store, but none that don't look like they are from the Flintsones era. So if anyone out there lives close enough to me that they would like to sell me their decent treadmill, please let me know!


DJ's Mama said…
I dont have a treadmill or anything, but once the weather is better...we can go for walks or do some working out. I'm trying to get my big butt motivated. I keep saying I will do something, but then I stop. I need to get serious about it.
Brit' Gal Sarah said…
So glad to hear life is improving and settling down VB. I am in the same shoes on the weight loss!
Allison said…
Any luck on that treadmill yet? I soooooo need to lose weight too!!! I wonder when the day will come that I will be where I want to be on my weight and not be thinking that "tomorrow" I need to start a diet.