Douchebag bastard

I'm sure most of you have heard by now that Chris Brown has gone to jail for "allegedly" (yeah, right) beating the living hell out of his girlfriend Rihanna. The police state that the pictures he took are overwhelming proof of abuse and that her injuries were "horrific". She said the damage was all done with his fists. Her face was mangled, nose broken, lip split open & they said she looked "like she was growing devil horns" because she had to huge swelling contusions on her forehead. She also had bite marks on her arms and fingers.

I am SO PISSED!!! What the hell is it going to take in this world for these pathetic f***ing men to keep their damn hands off of their women??? I'm glad that his endorsements are all being yanked out from under him and even though he sings one of my favorite songs ("No Air"), there will never come a day when I will support his music ever again. Poor Rihanna, I hope you feel better quickly and I hope that you have the support you need to convince you that you do not need this. Because you don't. Believe in who you are...a beautiful, talented and kind person. I wish you well.


Greg said…
It boggles my mind how successful women, or ANY woman, could put up with ANY guy who would EVEN THINK about raising a hand to hurt somebody they "love"! It reminds me of one of my all time favorite and gifted female singers, Whitney Houston, who flushed her career and life away with that LOSER husband of hers, I think his name is Bobby Brown?
DJ's Mama said…
I feel so bad for her. Apparently it has gone on for some time now (per the press). I can't believe that Chris Brown talks about how he wouldn't hit a woman since his mom was abused and then he goes and does this to her. There are A LOT of powerful men in the music industry who are so hating on Chris. He literally needs to watch his back.
Allison said…
I will never in a million years understand why there isn't a tougher punishment for domestic violence. It sucks.