My one true thing

Allison called me this evening before we went to dinner to tell me that she had a huge teaching opportunity with one of her students. She had actually used a story from our past to help this kid and we laughed hard about it, but I am so grateful for that story and the final outcome. It's funny because I had just told someone that story the other day and now she was recounting it too.

See, when I was 14 years old... 22 years ago today... Allison & I were babysitting for a couple from church while they went out for Valentine's Day. This family just happened to also live only a few blocks from the guy Allison was head over heels for...who just happened to be the guy who was head over heels for me. Well, while we were there, this guy walked over to this house to bring us gifts...Allison got a rose & a valentine card. I got a card & a can of Aqua Net...because he knew I would need it. Is that the 80's or what? ha!

Anyways, this guy ended up asking me out while he was there and convinced me to meet him in the basement to make out. Stupid me thought Allison didn't know, but I figured out that she did as soon as I heard the vacuum cleaner running with her stomping behind it, because she cleans when she's mad.

All these years later, Wayne is rotting away in jail and Allison & I are still friends. Of all the lessons I've learned in life, that was definitely the beginning of one of the most important ones.... that men come and go. They are a dime a dozen. But when you find a true girlfriend, she is to be treasured because she will be forever. My girls are the ones that I am willing to move across entire states to be near. They are the ones who sat in court with me and held my hands when a man hurt my baby. They are the ones who cooked for me and cleaned my house when I could just lay on the couch and cry for several days. They are the ones who pray for me, help me & will spend Valentine's Day with me because yet another man has turned into a real shit.

I love you Allison, Shawnda, Heather, Rachel, Maribel & Milie. My heart is so swollen with gratitude for the beautiful, inspirational, golden-hearted, solid women that you are. Thank you for being the constants in my and forever.


Love you V-be! Valentines day is a special day for us to remember that through thick and thin we have our girl friends side by side keeping us going and moving us along. Thanks for being a part of my life!
Mary Moore said…
Great post, and great message. So very very true.
Allison said…
Well said, Veronica! Men come and go, but girlfriends are forever!! I am glad that life brought you along my journey in life and left Wayne in the dust where he belongs! I love you, friend!